Cabernet Franc Tzonevo Single Vineyard


100% Cabernet Franc


2021, 2022

Vineyards :

Tsonevo village, Dulgopol municipality, Varna region, PGU Danube Plain

The vines are 8 years old, located between two reservoirs - Tsonevo and Eleshnitsa.

The soils are leached cinnamon forest and alluvial, the exposure is South-Southeast.


The grapes are picked by hand in small boxes and transported to the winery.

They are sorted by hand and crushed in small open-top fermenters.

The crushed grapes are cooled and cold-soaked for 7 days. After the cold maceration, the temperature naturally increases and a spontaneous alcoholic fermentation begins. The temperature is controlled in the range of 25-28°C.

Everyday pump-overs, plunging, and stomping help to achieve a gentle extraction.

After fermentation, the grape mash is pressed into Bulgarian oak barrels for aging.

Technical details:

Alcohol – 14 %

Titratable acids - 5 g/l

pH – 3.5

Residual sugars - 1 g/l

Aging :

The wine is aged for 8-9 months in Bulgarian barrels on the fine lees. After that, the wine is stored in a stainless steel tank for another 8 months.

It is crafted with minimal intervention and is unfiltered. The appearance of a noble lees is possible.

21,00 лв.


wine specifics

Tasting notes

Cabernet Franc from the "warmer" vineyards near the village of Tsonevo has a juicy fruity nose with pronounced sweet fruits and cherry syrup. An elegant wine with powerful but soft tannins and phenolic character adding volume and flavor to the taste.

wine specifics

Food pairing

It goes well with red meats, lamb, grilled sausages, lamb, raw dried meat and hard cheeses.

Serving temperature

Between 16° and 18°C

Aging potential



Crimson red color

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