About us

NO limits! NO borders! NO compromise!

Odessos Cellar is a small family wine project, the idea of ​​which was born during a long overseas flight, developed over several wine campaigns in the Southern Hemisphere and matured enough to be realized five years later in Varna. Thus, 2020 marks the beginning for us with our first official one

wine campaign at home. The winery does not have its own vineyards, but at the heart of our concept is the search for the best terroirs and vineyards from the North Black Sea region to present our reading of the idea of ​​regional kraft wine.

Facts and Figures

about the wine


The vineyards we work with are located in the area around Varna - the village of Venchan, Provadia; Tsonevo village; Sunny village; town of Kavarna; town of Byala; Vetrino village.

Wine region

Northern Black Sea Region


sauvignon blanc, riesling, dim, pinot noir, syrah, cabernet franc

Production volume

10000 bottles