Northern Black Sea Region


The northern Black Sea region is strongly influenced by the proximity of the Black Sea. The climate is extremely favorable for the development of viticulture and is suitable for growing white grapes.

regionalClimate and soils

The Black Sea coast is characterized by relatively warm summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature amplitudes are relatively low, which gives a prerequisite for smooth development of the vines. The average annual rainfall is the lowest in the country. Characteristic of the region are the local winds - the breezes, which during the day blow cool air from the sea to the land, and at night - in the opposite direction. The soils are mainly chernozem, limestone and gray forest.

4262 are the hectares of vineyards
450 millimeters per year rainfall
100 meters altitude
the breezes that blow cool air from the sea to the land during the day and at night are the sunny hours