Odessos winery is a joint project of the brothers Georgi and Vladislav Vankovi with the support of their family and friends. It is the natural continuation of their effort to develop the local wine culture and the specific and unique Northern Black Sea region.

our teamKnows the region, the vineyards and the grapes.

True wine enthusiasts, their passion is contagious. After several wine campaigns in various wine destinations around the world, they create their own wine project at home.

Georgi Vankov

It deals with everything related to wine - from choosing the time to pick grapes, through all production processes to bottling. Then - with everything else that has to be done in a family project.

Vladislav Vankov

He deals with everything that makes a bottle of wine a desired product - marketing, sales, communication with customers, design. Then - everything else that needs to be done in a family project.
We believe in the study of regional specifics to show the best characteristics of wines from the North Black Sea region.