Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on two main principles – to create the best wine from the varieties reflecting the character and the climate of the Black Sea coast area and to achieve balance and elegance in the taste and the flavor..


The concept behind the label

The colorful and seemingly random pieces that make up the concept of Odessos wine labels are actually not random at all. They are related to our life experiences, travels, the personality of each one on the team. They tell a whole story, in which the individual parts are welded with the gold of the highest goal - to do what you love.

A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world

Louis Pasteur

Our values

between work and fun


Winemaking is a laborious process that requires knowledge, dedication, focused efforts, and love. The reward for the hard work is the enjoyment of each sip, the aroma that fills the glass and the nose, the smiles of those who have tasted the wine.

in search of


We strive to create balanced and elegant wines that are characterized by fresh acidity, moderate alcohol, and velvety tannins. The secret to everything in life lies in achieving balance - a skill that requires searching, analyzing, and long hours of experimentation.

we are constantly learning


The pursuit of creating exceptional wine requires, in addition to hard work and dedication, an interest in the techniques and experience of winemakers outside our home country. All new knowledge we’ve acquired has been refracted through our personal worldview and embodied in our products. with the love of wine 

with the love of wine


Wine is an emotion, and sharing the drink with other wine lovers creates a strong community of like-minded people. We strive to create wines which will contribute to building wine culture and promoting the Northern Black Sea region.