Odd Wine – Cabernet Franc Vetrino Single Vineyard


100% cabernet franc

Vineyards :

Vetrino village, PGU Danube Plain

The vines are 13 years old, located near the village of Vetrino, Varna region, in the Babuka area.

The soils are alluvial and stony. The altitude is 300 m.


The grapes are hand-picked in small boxes and transported in a refrigerated truck.

The cooled grapes are sorted by hand and crushed in small open fermenters.

The desteamed grapes are cooled and macerated for 3-5 days. After the natural increase of the temperature, the fermentation is controlled in the range of 20 - 22°С.

The cap is plunged and pumped over daily

After fermentation, the grape mash is pressed into Bulgarian oak barrels for aging.

Technical details:

Alcohol - 13%

Titratable acids – 5.5 g/l

The temperature of the alcoholic fermentation is controlled in the range of 15 -17 ° C.

Residual sugars 1 g/l


The wine matures 8-9 months in Bulgarian barrels on the fine lees.

The wines have minimal processing and no filtration. Noble sediment is possible.


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Weight 1,2 kg

100% cabernet franc






13 %

Size of the bottle

750 ml


Vetrino village, Babuka area


The wine matures for 3 months on fine lees.

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wine specificsTasting notes

Cabernet Franc from the vineyards in the Babuka area near the village of Vetrino is charged with an intense aroma of red pepper, red berries and resinous notes. Elegant, medium body with soft tannins and fresh acidity. Racial and characteristic representative of the Cabernet Franc variety from the northern Black Sea region.

wine specificsCombining with food

It goes well with red meats, grilled vegetables, lamb, mignon fillet, burger, sausages and hard cheeses.

Hard background music is an absolute must!