Our wine

Elegant and fresh wines, seeking maximum expression of the variety and the region. All processes are strictly controlled – from grapes selection to bottling.

Red wines

Реколти: 2021,2022

Red wine vinification takes place in small open-top fermenters. Temperature control and everyday pump-overs, plunging, and stomping help to achieve a gentle extraction. After the end of the fermentation, we press the skins, and the wine ages on fine lees in Bulgarian oak barrels.


White wines

Реколти: 2022, 2023

Our white wines are fresh and elegant. Only the purest and clearest grape juice is used for fermentation at a strictly controlled low temperature to preserve varietal aromas.



Реколти: 2023

Pinot Noir rosé is characterized by a pale pink color, which is achieved by minimal contact of the juice with the grape skins.